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Welcome to the International College of Herbal Medicine's Global Network. This includes access to a range of resources that cover a diverse range of subjects that make up 'Herbal Medicine' in today's world. As it is without corporate sponsorship, is not aligned with any product, many of the resources offer a practical, unbiased comment or perspective from a range of practitioners associated with the college.

There are also FOUR recent invaluable Webinars with Isla Burgess, Dr.Nicky Baillie (NZ), Amanda McQuade Crawford (USA) and David McLeod (Australia)in the Library. These and other contributors are experienced health professionals with much wisdom to offer

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Interest area(s) This will assist us in developing our resource base as well as directing the subject focus for our Webinars. For example: Herbs for Health (General), Manufacturing Herbal Medicines, Grower, Student, Researcher, Health Professional.

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