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  • Postgraduate/Degree training

  • Can a medical Doctor dialogue with other Doctors?

  • Who are the Mentors?

  • When does the year begin?

  • Can a student enrol for the Clinical Discussion Groups?

  • Does the College offer Continuing Medical Education credits?

  • If I live in the USA can I pay the NZ dollar amount?

  • After I enrol, then what?

  • How much direct feedback will we have with the faculty?

  • Dialogue

  • What are the current CDGs?

  • Is this a correspondence course?

  • Enrolment query

  • Can a student study individual units?

  • Can the Pre-Requisite units be started along with the Year One Course?

  • Can I pay by cheque or do I have to use a credit card?

  • Will the biennial Conferences only be in New Zealand?

  • How much coursework will involve fieldwork?

  • Will the Clinical Discussion Group count towards clinical practice hours?

  • Where do I find the course fees listed?

  • How are the Unit materials delivered?

  • Enrolment Requirements

  • How are the study Units delivered?

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  • Recognition by a US Dept of ED

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  • Private Health Insurance Australia

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  • Where are the Unit materials found?

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    Having trained at SSNT Melbourne before it was a degree course. How important is it to obtain degree status?

    Degree training does seem to be the way Herbal Education is going in Australia. This Postgraduate course differs in that it is postgraduate education for Health professionals. At this stage we intend to develop a degree course with the first two years being the postgraduate diploma with a third research year. Of course we cannot guarantee that this will happen.
    Can a medical Doctor dialogue with other Doctors?

    Yes, the College has a medical Director and other medical doctors as mentors.
    Who are the Mentors?

    The College has drawn together a group of International Herbalists, Doctors, a Pharmacist, Midwife, and Anthropologist all skilled in their practice of herbal medicine. For more information, see ABOUT THE FACULTY or email your question from the link at the bottom of this page.
    When does the year begin?

    It begins in August but a student may begin full time study at anytime.
    Can a student enrol for the Clinical Discussion Groups?

    Only if they have enrolled in either the first or second year program. The Cafe/Left Bank however is open to all students.
    Does the College offer Continuing Medical Education credits?

    The College may allocate 50 CME points per semester/unit or 200 CME points for the total course completion through the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners Quality Assurance and Continuing Education Program. CME point allocation is not guaranteed and is subject to review by the RACGP.
    If I live in the USA can I pay the NZ dollar amount?

    No, as we have financial activity in each country the course fees need to be paid in that currency.
    After I enrol in the College what happens next?

    1) you receive email and postal confirmation including welcome information and your user name and password.
    2) you can then enter the "CAMPUS" which is the Registered Users area.
    How much direct feedback or interaction will we have with the faculty?

    For the month that each unit is run you will be able to E-mail your mentor and speak with him or her on request. You can also request to speak with someone from the college and have access to the Clinical Discussion group mentors weekly for eight months of the year.
    What special events do you provide for dialogue between like-minded health/healing practitioners?

    We offer a Conference biannually, currently one planned for NZ and one for USA.
    The Clinical Discussion group and the associated learning groups, which are open to fully enrolled students provides for this dialogue.
    What are the current Clinical Discussion Groups' Topics?

    General Discussion Group - case studies, current events in herbal medicine, ideas of general clinical relevance.
    Cafe/Left Bank - herbalist chat area, student bios, anything else.
    Current Units - Study Group on the current units' material.
    Herbal Research - second year students' involved in their Research Unit.
    Is this a corresondence course?

    All course material will be delivered through secure Internet access of the Web site but the student will have access to the Mentor for the Unit studied through E-mail, fax, or phone.
    I graduated from a 2200 hour massage therapy course in canada, where i was required to take anatomy and physiology courses. Does this cover the prerequisites i would need to begin in year one?

    Yes Claire you are eligible
    Can a student study individual units?

    Yes, at the time that unit is offered. See the Time Table for the list of available Units.
    Can the Pre-Requisite units be started along with the Year One Course?

    Can I pay by cheque or do I have to use a credit card?

    All students can pay by Bank Draft or Cashier's Check. If you live in New Zealand you can pay by Bank or personal cheques. All credit cards are directed through WorldPay, a secure Internet payment system which will accept NZD, AUSD, USD, CAND, GBD, EUR.
    Will the biennial Conferences only be in New Zealand?

    No, it is intended that there will be one in the USA and in Europe as well. This will depend on student location numbers.
    There is a large on-line component to the College curriculum and resources. How much of the coursework will involve fieldwork and where will it be conducted?

    As this is a Post Graduate course it would be beneficial if the student has their own clinical practice. The biannual conferences which are planned for both the USA and NZ will have a plant focused component.
    Will the American Herbalist Guild count the Clinical Discussion group towards the 400 hours of clinical practice required for AHG membership?

    The AHG is not up and running with their course assessement program as yet but it is only a few months away.
    Where do I find the course fees listed?

    You will find these in three places. Firstly they are listed on the main page of About The College -Course Fees. They are also listed on Pg 18 of the Detailed Propectus .
    You will also find the course fees on the enrolment form (go to How to Enrol) which you can work through without committment. This will give you the exact amount in your currency for each unit or the whole course.
    How are the Unit materials delivered?

    Your study materials for each Unit are listed through the Registered Users Login which takes you to the CAMPUS page. They are formatted as PDF files (If you don't have Acrobat Reader 3.1 or higher you can down load version 5 from our LINKS menu). Other features on the Units page are the Library, Glossary, Gallery, and Upload Course Work features.
    What are your entry requirements?

    If you are uncertain about your eligibility for enrolment please contact us at Details are found in the on line Prospectus.
    Any person who is a full member of the following associations is able to enrol in the two year programme directly: NHAA, AHG, NIMH, EHPA, NZAMH. Health professionals without prior training in herbal medicine may be required to complete the Pre-requisite units.
    How are the Unit's learning materials delivered? and what sort of information do they contain?

    Individual Units are available each month (see Timetable) through our on-line CAMPUS. The CAMPUS contains all Unit resource materials, including downloadable files of monographs, charts, learning aids, references, instructions for the Unit, an on-line discussion group, Herb Glossary, identification Gallery, and interactive work areas for corresponding with the Unit's Mentor.
    I am studying natural therapies now. After this course, I'd like to study herbalism. How do I become a herbalist in NZ? (education, exam etc)

    Currently all courses in Herbal Medicine are accredited by the New Zealand Association of Medical Herbalists or you can sit an exam offered by an Accreditation Board.
    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Is your program accredited with any regional or national accrediting body recognized by the US Ddept. of Education?


    Dr. Saks

    No, not by a US Dept. of Education.
    If you live in the
    United States what
    types of financial
    aid if available at
    the Masters level?
    Have the credits
    from this
    transfers to any
    institutions in the
    United States in
    the past?

    We do not offer
    scholarships or
    ant other form of
    financial aid.
    In Australia a client can only get a rebate from private health insurance if you have a degree - would that post graduate in herbal med on top of a Ad. Dip. of Naturopathy qualify you for health rebate status?

    I think this would need to be checked out with the Insurance companies concerned.
    I want some websites about research in herbal plants?

    You would need to check each herb through Medline.
    have no training where should i start

    Individual units can be studied by anyone but without some background in health sciences and herbal medicine they would be difficult.
    The pre-requisite units can be studied by anyone interested.
    If you want a qualification to practice and have no educational background then a correspondence or day teaching programme would be best.
    Somewhere on your web site I thought you mentioned a herbal alternative to Viagra. Is that Yohimbe or Epimedium?

    No, the anecdotal tale is in the 'News and Events' section and it was about Avena sativa.
    Aprox. how much
    time is spent
    weekly or monthly
    when enrolled in
    the program?

    Each unit requires around 10 to 15 hours per week.
    Why is it that i could not find your school in the Directory of Herbal Education "The American Herbal Guild"?

    Thank you.

    I do not know as I teach at their Symposium every year. I will ask them.
    I am a Korean.
    If I eroll the course, do I have to attend 2years so that I get a degrees?Is the payment in US dollar?
    One more,for enroll this college is any qualification needed?
    Please let me know.

    The course is delivered via the internet. It is post graduate study not a degree course.
    Some prior study in health sciences or a health practitoners qualification is required but each enrolment is considered.
    When does the Clinical Discussion Group start??
    When do Year One fees (including Clinical Discussion Group) need to be paid by?

    The Clinical Discussion Group will be accessible when a student enrols for the Year One or Two Post Graduate course. It will run over the eight months of the year. Any student enrolling in August will have an 'extra' month of the CDG at the end of their study.
    What is in the CAMPUS?

    Campus Directory includes pages linked to the Clinical Discussion Groups, Herb Gallery (for plant ID and aesthetics), Herb Glossary, College Library, FAQs, and Edit my Details pages. Campus Directory also links to your Individual Units page which contains: Guidelines for the Unit, About the Unit (includes Mentor contact information), Unit News, View/Submit Documents feature, Unit Library, and the Units' core Documents to download or read online.
    Where are the Unit materials found?

    Core Unit materials are found in the "CAMPUS" section of the College. You are given access to this area when you enrol in the College and you get there by logging in with your user name and password from any menu bar.
    See also FAQs under icohm CAMPUS.
    I have no background in any science subjects. Would I be eligible for your courses?

    Anyone can study individual units but to be a full time student, participate in the Clinical Discussion group you really do need some backgroud Anatomy and Physiology.

    Question 1:
    I am a prospective student in Canada. Are the course fees in US dollars? Or do you pay the same in your own currency: ie 600 Canadian dollars for one of the pre-requisite units? As you know the difference is considerable.

    Question 2 Is it too late to start a September course?

    You pay in Canadian dollars if you live and work in Canada.
    You could still enroll in the Materia Medica as it runs over two months and yes you can enrol in Understanding the Craft of Herbal Medicine.
    I would like to know the possible career paths in this industry. Thanks.

    There are a range of options now for the qualified herbal practitioner.
    -Establishing your own practice as a health professional
    -as a consultant in other health care centres
    - as a health care assistant in Pharmacies
    - as a teacher
    - as an assistant in manufacturing businesses
    - to establish your own Apothecary or Herbal Dispensary

    Hi Isla I had the privilage of studying with you at the canterbury school of natural medicine. I completed year 1 and half of year 2 Clinical Medical Herbalism (I failed Pathophysiology) Would I be able to credit the units for my first year and the half second year I completed? How many hours study is involved in your second year per week?
    thank you

    Yes your prior learning would be considered - I would nee to discuss with you what you covered but I would think you could enrol directly in Year Two. This is encompasses all subjects under Case based therapeutics and patho phys is included. I think you would need to set aside around 20-25 hours per week for eight months of the year.
    I am away from home at present but could speak with you after the 8th November 05. Please phone.
    I am looking into studying herbalism for the first time -do you have courses available for new students?

    Yes all of our Year One classes are for the beginning student. If you have children then I suggest you begin with Tonya lemos' unit on Herbal Medicine, Children and Babies, otherwise the 'Introduction to Herbal Medicine with Danette Steele or enrol in the whole of Year One.
    What do the pre-requisite units consist of? How many are their?

    Pre-requisites for the Three Year Clinical programme are Anatomy and Physiology which can be studied concurrently with Year One. For the Post Graduate units some people need to study Materia Medica and Understanding the Craft of Herbal Medicin.
    Is this course NZQA approved and does it qualify for student allowance and loan?

    No it is not the intention to be involved with NZQA so it does not qualify for those loans. It is accredited with the New Zealand Assoc. of Medical Herbalists for Professional membership.
    Hi - I'm considering enrolling in your school, but I live in the northern hemisphere - I noticed that your course focuses on plants of the southern hemisphere. Would I be better served by finding a different school, or do you also include plants that grow in the northern hemisphere. (I live in California.)

    Thank you for your time,


    Hi Camille,
    Our course covers herbs that are grown across the temperate world and used in Western Herbal Medicine, plus some from the Chinese and Ayurvedic traditions. Please contact me on if you have further questions.
    I am a Macintosh user.
    Are your materials Mac-friendly?

    Yes several students have Macs.
    I am studying homeopathy
    (almost finishing. Am I
    elegible to start year one?
    It is possible to pay a
    monthly fee?

    Are you intending to enrol
    for the three year course? If
    so yes you are eligible.
    Yes you are able to send us
    Post dated cheques for each
    I've finished my graduation in Ayurved. (B.A.M.S) course. I would like to know if I am eligible to join the PG courses in your Institution? I would like to know the fee structure of each PG course.

    Thanks a lot.

    Yes you would be eligible for the Post Graduate course but may need to take both pre-requisites.
    If I enrol in the prerequisite
    materia medica, how much
    time will I actually need to
    be in front of the computer?
    Is that amout about the
    same for all courses?

    Materia Medica runs over two months and depending on your background should take between 40-60 hoursof researching and answering.
    what is the financial cost if i want to study herbal production?secondly,what about the accomodation cost?since iam from Nigeria in west Africa?

    The manufacturing unit is studied on-line and costs the equivalent of $330.00.
    The live-in apprenticeship is for six weeks and is not just about manufacturing but clinical Herbal Medicine. See www.Herbalapprenticeship for details.
    I will like to travell down to Astralia to study the course.what will be the fees for the 1 year course?[herbal production].secondly,do you offer accommodation to your student?

    Firstly I live in New Zealnd.
    Secondly the All our courses including the manufacturing unit is available on-line. It is a short course in manufacturing for practitioners of Herbal Medicine and not for commercial purposes.
    I wish to enrol in the first
    year program. Is there a
    timetable for us,an order
    of the courses month by
    month, or do we just take
    what we want when we
    want as if we were doing
    individual courses? I ask
    because I wish to take the
    pregnancy, birth, child
    medicine course in
    febuarary along side the
    pre reqs. Can I do this
    and how do I specify this
    when I enroll ?

    For Post Graduate study we do follow the timetable that is set out. If you don't have prior training in Herbal Medicine you would need to study the pre-requisites before 'The Special Case of Pregnancy'
    is there a pre-requisite test to determine my level of competency? i have taken a number of herbal courses and am striving for professional status in the AHG. Thanks.

    Good Morning ,
    If you would like to E-mail me on outlining your prior training and expereince that will give me an idea of what you would need to do.
    Hi, am a Naturopath, and wish to learn more about the energy side of herbs, so am wondering which courses to take first to lead me to that, thanks.

    Our units are more clinically oriented and although some energetics may be discussed in clinical work and in the materia Medica, the course doesn't focus on that.
    I am searching for a live-in apprenticeship into natural and spiritual healing and medicine and an all around balance of life. I dont have alot of money but would be willing to work for any payment needed. Thank you

    I do offer a three week live-in apprenticeship in Herbal Medicine. Unfortunately I do not offer work exchange.
    i am about to finish my bachelors in ayurvedic medicine and surgery. please tell me about the fees structure and duration as well as the benefits of doin g this course. wat are the living expenses in new zealand.

    To read the detailed answer to your questions, please look at the Prospectus which is on-line at
    This is an on-line course and does not require you to be in New Zealand.
    i m in BAMS final year student from India n would like to do PG course in ur college after one and half year.Am I elligible?

    I am unsure what BAMS is. All our courses are delivered on-line, we are not a residential college.
    Iam a student of Ayurveda(B.A.M.S)Final year want to join P.G course in your institute is it available for indian students and also i want fee structure?

    As it is an on-line course it is available to students Worldwide.
    Pre-requisites may be required. Year One $1600.00
    Year Two $1800.00 Please enquire for details for your country.
    If i complete the BSc(Hons)Herbal medicine in the UK would i be eligible to register with NZ assoc. of Medical Herbalists for professional membership? If so is there a min. period of practicing time after graduating before applying as in the UK (with NIMH) Many thanks!

    You will need to contact the
    NZAMH for this but my
    understanding is yes with
    the required Clinical Practice
    Is this course NZQA? If not what are the reasons? and will that make it harder to find or start my own practise of its not NZQA?

    We have not pursued NZQA accreditation for a number of reasons. The Year two approach of case Based learning would 'fit' into their criteria as it is not subject focused. Also we do not use examinations as a way of Assessement. Many of our students are International so it is more important to work with the Professional Associations in each country to cover what they require. We are accredited by the New Zealand Association of Medical Herbalists. NZQA also limits the time students have to complete their study we are able to be more flexible.
    There is no Association with NZQA required for practitioners to be able establish their own practice.
    I am Canadian. Is this recognized and licensed in Canada and/or the UK (as I may be going to England to live in the future)?

    The Three Year course in Clinical Herbal Medicine is accepted for Professional Membership by the Ontario Herbalists Association. I don't think any course is licensed in Canada. We have not presented the Curriculum to the Professional organisations in the UK but may consider doing so in the future.
    Is the Diploma in Herbal Medicine NZQA?

    No it is not - we are accredited for professional membership by the New Zealand Association of Medical Herbalists.
    Is it possible for
    me to get a general
    certificate after
    finishing 3 years
    of clinical herbal

    Yes you are issued with a Diploma in Clinical Herbal Medicine

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