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International College of Herbal Medicine. All rights reserved. The International College of Herbal Medicine, its logo, the course content are all subject to copyright.

By Enrolling in the International College of Herbal Medicine you hereby confirm and agree that you automatically accept the terms and conditions set out below as the Terms and Conditions of your enrolment. This is a legal agreement between you, the student and the College.

1. That you will not reproduce in any manner or for any purpose the information written or otherwise which constitutes the content of the courses. You may download and copy all material for your personal use. The College and/or its mentors own all course material.

2. That you will not pass on any names or E-mail addresses or E-mails to any other person or group.

3. That you do not use the Clinical Discussion Group or the College to advertise any proprietary products, goods or services.

4. That you will complete the units in the time allocated ( if due to illness or other emergency , a request for deferment may be made to the College together with an appropriate certificate, and the course continued the next time it is offered.) A fee will be required to cover this.

5. That you complete project work for each unit by the requested date. If this is not possible then assessment would be made the next time the course is offered for a small fee.

6. That you show respect towards other students, their opinions, practice and privacy

7. That you treat all case study material as confidential and not to discuss these outside of college membership

8. That you accept the statements made under 'Policies and Procedures' in regard to;Assessemnt, Withdrawall Proceedures, Repeat Study Policy, Appeals and Changes

9. That you will not engage in 'spamming' or any other activity that could result in system overload or system crash

10. That the College reserves the right to refuse enrolment to an applicant without necessarily giving reasons for doing so.

11. That the College maintains high standards in the provision of postgraduate education by ensuring that the mentors are experts in their field and the course work suited to the postgraduate student

12. That the College provides the best Internet security possible

13. That the College ensures that student details are confidential as part of the best security possible

14. That the College promotes humane, environmentally safe and ecologically sound practices

15. That the College will not be responsible for anything beyond its control which may affect the operation of the agreement

16. That this agreement be construed in accordance with the laws of New Zealand

The International College of Herbal Medicine confirms and declares that at no time and under no circumstance, will the College or anyone connected with the College, accept responsibility or can they be held responsible for, any claim or damage from action carried out, or from advice given by any student or ex-student whether directions given in the course are carried out or not.

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